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This page contains information about how the site works, design references, legal information, and other "meta" things that don't fit anywhere else.

Privacy "Policy"

In short: I minimize the data collected Data collected on this site falls into one of three categories:
  1. Information voluntarily and explicitly collected via forms, such as a contact form or comment field.
    Data collected here is used only to respond to your request, if applicable.
  2. Aggregate tracking information collected using Segment. This information is aggregated for statistical purposes only. At no time can I identify any visitor based on this data. This information is also not sold to third parties, or used for any reason beyond understanding traffic trends.
    To opt-out of this tracking, set "Do Not Track" on your browser or use Firefox's Enhanced Tracking Protection.
  3. Account information associated with your Webflow sub-account, if one is created for use on restricted pages. This consists of only the minimum required info: Name, email, and access groups. Documentation on this can be found here.

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